Longview is situated between Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, offering residents a rural lifestyle with year-round opportunities for recreation. It is the largest city in Cowlitz County with a population of approximately 36,000.

Located ninety miles from the Pacific Ocean at the confluence of the Cowlitz and Columbia Rivers, Longview is a relatively new city with a short but remarkable history. Less than seventy-five years ago, the area where Longview now stands was sparsely populated wilderness and rural homesteads.

Built in the 1920s, Longview has a small-town atmosphere that is very appealing to residents and visitors alike, offering a safe, comfortable and inviting gathering place with shopping, restaurants, galleries and beautiful streetscapes.

Longview, the largest city in Cowlitz County, offers a rural style of living and fun things to do. Lake Sacajawea Park, the city’s crown jewel, features numerous trails and puts Longview on the Top 10 Gardens to Inspire list. Cultural events vary from performances by the Columbia Theatre to walking tours through historic downtown. Its manufacturing base remains strong due to its production and supply of lumber products.

  • Battle Ground Lake State Park - 42.2 miles | 53 min
  • Columbia Gorge - 105.3 miles | 106 min
  • Columbia River Maritime Museum - 50.5 miles | 61 min
  • Fort Vancouver - 43.9 miles | 49 min
  • Oregon Coast Aquarium - 185.2 miles | 197 min
  • Oregon Zoo- 53.2 miles | 57 min
  • Portland International Airport- 51.1 miles | 55 min
  • Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge- 34.0 miles | 48 min
  • Tillamook Cheese Factory - 109.4 miles | 132 min
  • Waterfront- 51.6 miles | 56 min

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